You're Invited

I want to invite you into a story…

The hero of this story wants something. Wants it really badly, actually.

The hero isn’t sure how to get it, because the world they live in seems to have stacked the deck against them.

They have their safe place, and the hero isn’t aware yet of the adventure that’s waiting for them.

Then one day, they’re called to action. It’s a threat to their safety, their family, their way of life. It may be dramatic or mundane, a gunshot or a phone call.

But they’re not ready.

They hate things the way they are, but they like things the way they are. They’re comfortable. Familiar.

So they refuse the call.

But still, they’re at this crucial turning point where they’re torn between what’s always been done and what needs to be done, paralyzed to inaction by the fear and doubt.

Until they meet a guide. Someone who understands then, has a plan for them, has walked this path before.

Someone with empathy and authority.

The guide gives the hero everything they need to start the journey and gives them the push or pull they need to take the first step, make the first move.

And the story begins...

Now, finally out of the comfort zone, the hero is confronted with an ever more difficult series of challenges, obstacles, and hurdles. Physical struggles, emotional pain, people bent on thwarting the hero’s progress.

They find out who can be trusted, allies and enemies who, each in their own way, prepare the hero for the greater ordeals yet to come.

They lean on the guide. The plan the guide gave them. It helps the hero avoid failure. It gives them the road map to success.

It doesn’t mean the road will be easy, but they know the way.

And the hero makes it. On their own, but not alone. Because they’ve grown and learned and fought tooth and nail.

And because they had a plan.

I want to invite you to a story.

It’s your story.

Your business, your mission, your project to launch - the one that keeps you up at night, staring at the ceiling churning out ideas.

Your comfort zone that’s keeping you from taking the first step.

You’re the hero.

And I can be your guide.

Let’s do this.