Flow and Stock

Flow is the feed. The posts, the tweets, the stories, the stream of constant content that lets people know you’re still alive and happen to be having a panini for lunch and went to Target today and didn’t NEED a new cutting board but it’s teak and you used your RED card, so really, how could you say no? And you’re working on this thing but you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out so what does everyone think? Comment below.

That’s flow.

Stock is more durable. It’s the stuff you’re proud of. The stuff with a shelf life. The stuff that’s your real work. Your masterpieces. It spreads slowly but surely, and builds your audience over time.

You have to have both.

And one of the best ways to build your stock is by curating and developing and expanding on your flow.

Use your platforms to think out loud and go stream of consciousness and be more free form. Flow.

But when something hits, grab it and love on it. Turn it to stock.

That means editing - cutting and adding and twisting and turning and tweaking until it’s something you want people to keep coming back to, not just something that you’re fine with them running into. 

Make something meaningful off of it.

Because when it’s a hit, that’s your people saying, “Wait, tell me more about that. What do you mean?”

It’s your chance to go deeper.

Tweets and insta stories become posts become articles become chapters in books.

Flow —-> Stock 🦉