the RUCKUS framework

Hey you beautiful little unicorn. Here’s how to turn strangers into friends and friends into customers and customers into raving fans. This is the path to growing your business. To making a ruckus. And because I want to really hammer that point home, I give you...

the RUCKUS framework.


R - Reach

Customer Avatar, Branding, channels, etc.

This is how you introduce yourself to potential customers who don’t know anything about you. It’s the first impression - on both sides. It’s who you are and it’s who they are. What kinds of people are you trying to serve, and how would they describe you when they encounter you? When those questions have been answered, this phase is complete.

U - Understanding

Content, Before/After, Offers, Grunt Test, etc.

This is the phase where you demonstrate your expertise, or you entertain, or you inspire. It’s all the content that you put out on your social channels, your blog, your email series, your YouTube. In your customer’s mind, it answers the question, “how can this product or service fix my problem?” It lets them know what you do and what you offer them to take them where they want to go.

C - Conversion

Value Ladder, Offers, Sales Processes, Pricing, etc.

At this point, the customer is spending time or money with you. A fully fleshed out conversion plan will feature entry level offers that allow you to receive micro-commitments from your customers - from collecting their phone number and email address to small purchases that fundamentally change the relationship between you and your customer. In fact, this is when they move from just a friend (after engaging with your content in the last stage) to a customer. They’re making a commitment and investing in you.

K - Knockout Service

Connection Steps, Follow Up Processes, Service Deliverability, Customer Service, etc.

Price is the story we tell about how much value someone will receive from what we do. Basic pricing is simple - if people feel like they’re getting more out of a deal than they’re paying for it, they’ll take the deal. McDonalds would rather have the $3 than the hamburger because they create it for less than $3. You’d rather have the hamburger than the $3 because of what it provides in convenience, flavor, and overall experience. So they happily sell it and you happily buy it.

This is the phase where you actually deliver that value. You follow up, you deliver awesome customer service, you treat people the right way, you act with integrity, you follow through on your promises and your customers’ expectations, and you let them know that their business is important to you. When you do that consistently, the value you provide goes up, the price they’re willing to pay goes up, and everyone is happy about it.

U - Upgrades

Value Ladder, Sales Processes, Pricing (Basically Conversion 2.0)

You have permission to present someone a higher level offer when you’ve successfully converted them on a lower ticket offer and exceeded their expectations. The phrase to remember here is “if you liked that, you’re going to love this.” This could be a complementary product or service that enhances their experience with what they’ve already bought, it could be a higher level service that allows them to reach their desired end result faster or more easily or more reliably, or it could be a service that does the thing for them rather than just empowering them to do it. There are an almost infinite number of ways to add value to your service that makes you more money and makes your customers happier.

S - Spread the Word

Referrals, Affiliates, Surveys, Reviews, etc.

This part can happen naturally - when you provide an awesome service and people love you, they’re naturally going to talk about it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t speed things along. Giving people incentives for telling their friends, affiliate programs to help your customers help you grow your business, and surveys to let them talk about your service and also help you refine what you do - all that stuff makes a big difference for starting this process all over. Because it very well may be that your customers talking about you is exactly the way you REACH the next customer whose life you’ll change. So make sure to make this part smooth.

Look. When it comes to building a plan for your business that turns strangers into raving fans, there’s no one size fits all solution. But if you’d like to talk a little more about your specific needs so we can customize a plan for your business to predictably and consistently bring you more customers and allow you to serve them better, schedule a call.