8 Steps to a Successful Project (via Seth Godin)

1) Start with empathy to see a real need. Not an invented one. Not, "How can I start a business?" but, "What would matter here?"

2) Focus on the smallest viable market: "How few people could find this indispensable and still make it worth doing?"

3) Match the worldview of the people being served: Show up with a story they want to hear, told in a language they're eager to understand.

4) Make it easy to spread. If every person brings one more member, within a few years, you'll have more than you can count.

5) Earn and keep the attention and trust of those you serve.

6) Offer ways to go deeper. Instead of looking for members for your work, look for ways to do work for your members.

7) At every step along the way, create and relieve tension as people progress in their journey toward their goals.

8) Show up, often. Do it with humility, and focus on the parts that work.