Neighbors - Your Email List

When I was a kid, my family was really close with the family that lived next door. I played with their kids, our parents hung out together, and we generally spent a lot of time together. We were friends.

I remember being young and seeing a key on a hook in our house that had their last name written on it and I asked my mom if it was a key to their house. It was, and she explained that we needed it in case there was ever an emergency and that they had a key to our house too.

There was never an emergency that required that we go into their house like that, but the point was that we had mutual permission.

That’s how email marketing works.

We each had permission to go into the other’s space, and that’s what you have if someone subscribes to your email list. They’re in essence telling you, “If you need me, here’s the key. Come on in.”

Now, just like anything, we could have abused it in two opposite ways. We could have walked in uninvited every single day asking for stuff. After a few days of that, they’re going to ask for their key back.

Or we could have completely dropped off the face of the earth, stopped hanging out with them, and then barged in one day asking them to do something for us. Also probably not going to happen.

But by treating your email subscribers the way you treat the other important relationships in your life (and make no mistake, those subscribers are important relationships), you can gain, grow, and leverage the trust you’ve built.

Show up regularly to add value to their lives. Tell them about what’s going on in your world, share things that can help them, encourage them when they’re feeling down, check in on them when you haven’t heard from them in a while, and when you need something, you’ll have the capital built up in your relationship to ask for it and get it. That includes selling your new product, inviting them to come to your show, or asking them to introduce you to someone they’re connected with.

It works with neighbors and it works with your email list.

If you’re ready to start building your list or building your relationship with them, let’s schedule a call.