The Kind of Marketing I Want to Do

I think a business is a really cool thing for someone to want to build.

And it takes guts and intelligence and a whole lot of grit to do it.

And most of the time good people start businesses because they see something wrong and they want to fix it.

And so helping good people build good businesses is, to me, a valuable thing, a worthy thing, to spend time on.

This means it’s really important that the companies I choose to work with are companies I admire, companies I really want to see succeed.

And it’s really important that the people who run those companies are talented and engaged and positive and give a shit about leaving the world a little better than they found it.

Because when they’re giving their whole self, I have no problem giving my whole self to see them succeed. I feel good about it, actually.

And the people who hold back and only check the boxes they have to check and only do the things they have to do make it feel gross and unfair and wrong when I give any more than that.

It’s important to do work that’s hard and that isn’t what you already know how to do. And that’s a little bit scary because as much as I like my comfort zone, I don’t want to spend a lot of time there.

It’s important to do work where the solution isn’t right in front of your eyes, or at least the best solution isn’t.

And that makes it fun to work with people who demand great solutions to big problems.

And I want those people who are fixing those big problems with their businesses to be doing it in a way that’s based on really delivering value and not just scamming people into the next transaction.

And all this stuff matters, or it should anyway, because it guides the critical decisions I make every day - who do I work with? What gets my attention? What gets my time, my effort?

I want to spend my hours, my days, my working life, helping people bring their visions to life. Visions that matter. That people rally around. Visions I can believe in too.