You Have Permission to Suck

It takes a lot of courage to be new. To be bad at it. To struggle, and keep struggling.

It takes patience, and it takes determination, and it will make you better.

It’s lonely, though, and frustrating, and awkward, and you just feel clueless.

So many new business owners (and established ones) avoid it. Avoid being bad at stuff. Avoid the hard parts where you’re running on wobbly legs.

So they don’t do the things they know they should do and they focus on the stuff that’s more fun, more interesting, easier to show off to the people who you want to pat you on the back.

They order a new book on Amazon because if they can just read ONE MORE book about how to do that one thing then that’s when everything will fall into place.

They make sure their fonts are right on their website and the blocky sans serif is just the right weight to complement the scripty serif that will really set things off. That’s what my customers have really been looking for, right?

They sign up for new subscription services or watch another YouTube video that tells them the same thing the last one did, which is what they should be doing, which is not complicated - but it is hard as hell.

They need to try to sell and be told no until they get told yes.

They need to help someone.

They need to get feedback that maybe they’re close to the perfect offering, the perfect service, the perfect product, but they’re not there yet.

Then they need to iterate. They need to refine. They need to try again.

But that’s hard and it’s painful and they’re going to take a few punches to the jaw before they get it right.

But more importantly than any of that is that it’s necessary.

You have to fail more times than the other people will even try.

And you don’t have to get it right the first time. You have lots of tries.

In fact, if you did nail it right away, you probably didn’t reach high enough.

Try again. Try better. Fail again. Fail better.

Allow yourself to be a beginner, and get to work.

Love you.