How to Reach Your Perfect Customer

1) Figure out who you're trying to reach and what they need - what are their glaring problems that you can help with? What's keeping them from reaching their goal?

2) Figure out how you'd like to position yourself, your brand, in their eyes. Branding is hard, but it's simple - it's what people say about you when you're not in the room. Your reputation. List out all the adjectives that you'd like people to use to describe you.

3) Figure out how their needs and your branding intersect to create an unfair advantage. Are you the lowest cost? The fastest? The most fun? Do you get them there in a socially or environmentally conscious way? It isn't enough to define who you are and who they are. You have to answer the 'so what' question.

4) Figure out where your perfect customer spends their time - and then start spending your time there. Once your positioning is defined, interact, engage, add value, and start to act in all those ways you want to be perceived.

5) Figure out what you can offer them to make it a no-brainer for them to do business with you. Orthopedic surgeons don't spend time worrying about what color their add to cart button is. They don't set up complicated sales funnels or try to lure you in. When you have a broken arm, you go to them because they're the only ones who can fix your problem. That needs to be you.

6) Figure out how to deliver AWESOME service. Once people are doing business with you, amaze them with how much you help. Do the stuff that doesn't scale. Treat them like family. Give a shit.

Congratulations. You win now.