The Stuff You Have to Do

How much time are you spending every day on stuff you “have to” do?

What if you didn’t?

What if you weren’t worried about what people thought or about those things you’re working so hard for?

What if you didn’t need them?

What if the journey and the process and the adventure of it all was the goal?

Then, as soon as you start, you win. You’ve made it. You get to enjoy it. Starting right at that exact moment.

And you get to get better at it. One day, one post, one customer at a time.

Because when it’s “as soon as…” or “once I get here I’ll…” you might as well stop.

Because those goalposts never stop moving. It’s the horizon you never reach.

But when it’s “let me tell you about…” or “today I get to…” and it’s the stuff that blows your hair back, that’s when you’re on the right track.

Because there’s always a way to monetize - that’s easy.

It’s listening to yourself and tuning out all the stuff that’s the really hard part.