Youth Doesn’t Have an Expiration Date

To stay young, be young at things. The 83-year old with fresh tubes of oil paint, a canvas wrapped in cellophane, and not a clue where to start is a young painter.

The 53-year old walking back into the gym for the first time in 20 years now that the kids have moved off to begin their own lives is a young athlete.

The 33-year old who lives the same monotonous routine every day, who spends Friday night on the couch and Wednesday morning in traffic and Tuesday night eating tacos is in the fast lane to growing old.

The one at any age who realizes they’ve got a way to fix a problem and serve a community in the world, and takes a shaky first step towards sharing it and selling it, they’re a young entrepreneur.

Be bold and break the seal on your next adventure. Pull the protective plastic sheet off of a new opportunity.

Grab a new notebook, open it wide so that the spine wrinkles and cracks, and write a sentence on the top line of the first page.

And no matter how much you hate that sentence - that first shaky step (that very well might land you on your ass), no matter how much work you have to do to fix it later, how many words you have to scribble out, don’t you dare touch that first sentence. Because it’s the beginning. It’s youth, in you, and on a page. Every time you do it.