Are You An Entrepreneur?

Is starting a business the right move for you?

The people who it's right for have these 5 things in common:

1) They know that it’s going to take a long time, involve doing things that they don’t know how to do yet, and that they’re going to have to take a stand that not everyone is going to agree with.

They’re going to actually have to create something that people want.

And they’re okay with that.

2) They’re humble — they know that it isn’t a road worth traveling alone, that they’re going to need help. And they’re ready and willing to ask for help when they need it.

3) They’re willing to shut up for a second so they can listen to the needs of their audience, rather than just assuming, guessing, and building what they want to build rather than what their audience actually wants.

4) They’re constantly refining themselves, growing, learning, improving, messing up, fixing it, and repeating that process forever. They help other people do the same.

5) They recognize that being afraid is a product of a lack of understanding, a lack of real belief in their ability to provide solutions, and is TOTALLY OKAY. They use knowledge and community to cast a light on their doubt, so that their fears can wither and die because fear grows when you don’t acknowledge it. So they name it, own it, and move past it.