How Good is Your Business Idea?


Maybe you've got a business idea that you think is the right move for you. I'm going to give you some friendly encouragement to make sure it checks all the boxes it needs to check before you start running full speed, so that you don't end up down the road wondering where you went wrong.⠀⠀


You love it 

It needs to be something you absolutely love. If you aren't fired up about the prospect of going through all the little motions you're going to have to go through, stay home.⠀⠀

You’re good at it

It needs to be something you're good at. Don't try to build a business on a skill you don't have. You have to be able to get down and dirty and fix things when they go wrong.⠀⠀

You’re making the world a better place

You've got to be making a difference in the world. This one won't show its face right away - you might be having fun and making good money, but sooner or later you're going to want to focus on making a deeper impact.⠀⠀

You’re getting paid for it

You've got to make money at it. If it doesn't put a roof over your head and food in your mouth, you just can't keep at it very long. That one's pretty obvious.⠀⠀

Maybe it's got a mix of a couple, but not the others.⠀⠀

Maybe you love it and you're awesome at it. Great, you've found yourself a hobby.⠀⠀

Maybe you can make an impact in the world, and you can make some money off of it. Not real important when you wake up every day resenting it.⠀⠀⠀

Maybe you're great at it and can get paid for it. That's a job. That's what you've got now. We're trying to add on those other two so that you can build a business based on what you love and on the impact you can make on the world.⠀⠀

That sounds better, right?