RadLife Challenge Day 1: Define Your Workspace


One of the perks people talk about when they talk about starting a business, particularly an online business, is that they can work from anywhere. And yeah, I guess that's true. Technically.

But absolutely don't do that.

There's significance to your environment. Context-specific performance. Environmental conditioning. Big fancy stuff that boils down to this:

The more often you do work in the same place, the more conditioned you are to doing work in that place.

You're basically hacking your own system by setting aside a place to do work, and then only working from that place, and ALWAYS working from that place.

You sit down and your brain goes, "Oh, it must be time to get shit done. Because this is where we always get shit done."

And it's a pattern that reinforces itself. The more you do it, the stronger that connection gets. You get more productive just by being there.

I've screwed this up over and over again, looking for a change of scenery and jumping from place to place.

What that really does for me is gives me constant new stimulus so I can't ever really settle into a productive pattern.

So now, I have a room at home that I don't even walk into unless it's time to work, and a table at a coffee shop that I don't go to unless I'm working there.

The moment I walk in, my mind and body recognize it’s work time, and the juices flow much more easily.⠀

So: pick a space exclusively for creation. Go there and work every day. Your brain will recognize it, and you'll find creativity comes much more easily.⠀

If you decide to work from a coffee shop, this is not the coffee shop you bring first dates. It's not where you stop in for an espresso. It's your office. You only go there when you're going to work. You show the fuck up, get to work, and then leave. Clock in, clock out.