RadLife Challenge Day 2: Delegate and Document


One of the most powerful things we can do is begin the process of replacing ourselves in the tasks we do that make the least impact for our business, freeing us up to focus on things that are more important.⁠

As you build your to-do list, all the things that need to get taken care of, find one thing that you could put on someone else's plate.⁠

Give it to them, and teach them how you want it done. But more importantly than that, document what you taught them. And once they do it (spoiler alert: it won't be done the way you want, not the first time), give them feedback and document that feedback.⁠

Congratulations, you never have to do that thing again. You now have someone doing it for you, and a training manual for when they decide to stop doing it and you have to bring in someone else.⁠

P.S. Wondering what task to delegate? Anything you can hire someone to do for less than you generate per hour working on something else, you need to hire someone else to do.⁠