RadLife Challenge Day 3: Important and Urgent


That damn Stephen Covey thing where he puts the rocks in the jar and then the little rocks and then the sand? We've all seen it, we all get it, it's at every personal development seminar you'll ever go to, it's played out...

But it's true.

You've got 4 types of activities in your life:

Urgent and Important - These are the deadlines for big clients, they're the family crisis moments, they're the things that already get handled. If they're urgent and important, you do them. Pretty simple.

Urgent but not Important - The things that pop up every day and pull our attention. The ding of a new email coming in, a coworker asking for your help RIGHT NOW with something they've got on their plate, all the shiny object stuff that pulls our attention off what matters. Delegate them to someone with less important shit to do.

Not Urgent and Not Important - Um, this one kind of goes without saying... just don't do this shit when it's time to get shit done. This is the social media scrolling, the Netflix binging, the Candy Crush. If you're unwinding, cool, have at it. But if we're working, we're working. Let's go.

And finally, the one I really wanted to talk to you about...

Important but not Urgent - This is the stuff that lets you grow up. It's the personal development, the reading, the meditation, the exercise, the time with friends and family. It's the stuff that gets pushed off because that urgent stuff gets in the way. So when you plan out your day, THIS goes in before any of that urgent shit.

When you're scheduling, the plan has to include time for yourself or with friends, time to develop yourself personally or professionally with a hobby or new skill, or maybe time with a book on a topic you're learning about.

Put the right rocks in the jar, in the right order.