You Can't Lose

You haven’t started. 

You read another book though, and you watched another YouTube video, and you even started an album on your phone where you save all those super-inspirational motivational quotes you see all day on Instagram.

But you haven’t started.

You’re probably going to get moving FOR REAL as soon as you get back from vacation, or on the next lunar eclipse because everyone knows that good businesses only start when eclipses happen and it’s a Thursday and who starts a damn business on a THURSDAY?

That’s what Januarys and Mondays are for.

So you haven’t started.

Because you’re afraid you’re going to screw it up. And people are going to see you. And they’re going to think you’re a screw up.


I’m going to tell you something, and I want you to focus because it’s really important, so tune in.

You can’t fuck this up.

One more time, so please keep reading. Stay with me here.

You. Can’t. Fuck. This. Up.

I don’t care if you haven’t ever done it before or you don’t know how to write a business plan or your dad said it was a stupid idea or you tried one thing and no one bought it or if you don’t have any funding.

You didn’t fuck up.

I don’t care if you had big plans to create your product and then you forgot and haven’t done anything with it for a month or a year.

You didn’t fuck up.

I don’t care if you can only spend 20 minutes on it at a time, a few times a week. And most of the time when you sit down, you’re not sure what to do.

Nope, you’re still good.

Because here’s the cool part:

The only way to lose is if you stop. Totally. Throw in the towel. Say you’re done.

Otherwise, you’re still in it. You can’t fuck up.

It’s impossible. Because if today, you sit down and you make one step forward, you’re right back on track.

Most people use mistakes as an excuse to keep making mistakes and to fall back into old habits and bad routines. To take their foot off the gas.

But that’s horseshit. It’s not a valid excuse, starting right now.

You can’t fuck this up, as long as you get right back on track. You’re good.

The whole “starting a business thing?”

You’re supposed to have fun with it. It’s supposed to make you happy and let you leave an impact on the world and create your own little world where things work just the way you think they should. Where you get to connect with people and serve people and there’s no day or time where you’ve got to be at a certain destination, so just use today to move forward. Forget yesterday and take a step now. Today.

There’s no rush. It’s the long game. It’s forever.

And when the game lasts forever, you can’t lose unless you bow out.

Love you much.


Finding Your Perfect Niche

Brain Dump First

Write down a list of all the stuff that you're awesome at. No judgment, no editing, just brain dump. Ask your friends if you need to. You're probably taking some stuff for granted and are undoubtedly more awesome than you think you are.

Do Your Research

Is this profitable? Do people actually buy this thing? Go look on Google. Search your ideas and look at all the paid offerings that show up in the first page results. Who are they, what are they offering, and how much are they charging? Make a list. Do the same with Amazon. What's for sale and how many people are buying? We're just proving that people actually want what you do.

Feel Your Customer's Pain

How painful is this problem? If I break my arm, I don't give a shit how much it costs to get it re-set, put in a cast, and fixed. It's a huge pain point. How much people pay is directly related to how hard they're hurting. When you know who you're serving and how much they're hurting, you also know almost everything you need to about how to speak to them and serve them.

Scope the Competition

Can the people you want to serve actually pay you for what you do? If you have competitors, people who sell essentially the same thing, the answer is undoubtedly yes. You also have an opportunity to shake things up in that world and present a fresh alternative. Look at what your competitors are doing, what people are engaging with, and then think about how you'll do things better, do things differently, and add more value than your competitors are.

Listen and Adjust

If you're just getting started, you'll find your unfair advantage really fast. And when you dive headfirst into that and aren't set in your ways but are set on listening to what your audience wants, you can't help but grow fast. There's room for everyone, so don't let yourself believe that just because someone got there first, you can't make moves.

Test Everything

Finally, it's time to test. Experiment with EVERYTHING in the beginning. You have no audience yet, so you have nothing to lose. Once you start to have people follow and subscribe you, there will be certain expectations on you. Right now there are none. If you're consistent over time and adjust course as people tell you what they want more of, you can't lose. You never know what's going to work until you put things out there.

Test with free content to see what resonates - any feedback is good feedback, even no feedback. If people aren't engaging, it's probably not what they're looking for. Or, it's delivered in a way that doesn't speak to their pains. Test with pre-sales of a product you're building to get capital to reinvest or with a beta group of users who can figure it out along with you. There's no bigger mistake than thinking you know what your customers want without asking them or listening to what your testing tells you.

How to Be Unbeatable in Business

There is exactly one way to make sure you never lose, and that’s to keep trying over and over.

To get rejected and move to the next one.

To lose and play again.

To fall and rise again and again, as many times as it takes.

If cauliflower can figure out how to turn into fucking pizza, you can figure out how to get paid for that thing you like to do.

And you can do it by creating something totally rad and supporting other people who create rad stuff too.

That's about all there is to it - do awesome stuff that you love to do.

When you do that, it's really easy to keep going for a long time. And when you never give up, and you keep working hard for a long time, caring a lot, being kind, and getting disgustingly good at whatever it is you do...

You're unbeatable.

The 80/20 Rule for Entrepreneurs

20% of your work will give you 80% of your results.

Which means that most of the things you do, most of the things you think you "have" to do, aren't really all that big a deal.

They just don't matter that much.

Here's the 20%:

*Get really clear on who you want to serve and what you can offer them.

*Get really clear on how you want to be seen in the market.

*Engage consistently with those people where they spend their time (online and in person) by entertaining, educating, and inspiring them.

*Spend most of your time, especially if you're just getting started, offering to help. (That's called selling, by the way.)

*When someone takes you up on your offer, be ridiculously good at what you do and how you make them feel.

*Make it easy for them to tell their friends about you.

There are so many ways to check those boxes and get those things done. You don't need to chase the next shiny object every time one pops up.

It's easier said than done.

It's fun to come up with new logos and write mission statements and business plans and have people pat you on the back for that stuff.

But if you're trying to build a BUSINESS, you don't have to overcomplicate it. In fact, you should have a hell of a lot of fun with it.