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There’s lots of cool stuff we can do together. Like this:


Tour Bus House Party: We work together over 3 months through my signature framework that finds and fills in all the gaps in your business (or lets you start something rad from scratch) - you’re supported by my coaches, and you’re part of a team with other business owners who are also doing their thang. It launches twice a year to great fanfare. 5000 Bones

Trying to get A quick win?

Staring Contest: We hop on a 1:1 pow wow (phone, online, around a campfire, couples massage, whatever) for 90 minutes. You tell me where you’re struggling with your business, I help you get things unwound and get you back to smooth sailing. Two of these included in the Tour Bus House Party option. Just saying. 500 Smackers

Want an easy in?

The Anthology: Unlimited lifetime access to all my primo materials (videos, books, templates, stuff I scribble on napkins) on everything from defining your ideal customer to finding your voice on social media to writing mega-deluxe emails to building referral programs that turn you into a freaking celebrity. Comes with a free username and password. 50 Dollhairs